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Support privacy activists, support the FoeBuD! An unzap construction kit is more expensive there (10 EUR), but you get a good feeling for free!

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unzap project page

Project Overview

prototyp 2


The aim of this project is to create an universal remote-control for emitting and receiving all sorts of codes, e.g. to turn off every TV imaginable.

The idea is based on the famous TV-B-Gone remote.

The current hardware (revision 2) includes an Atmega 168, a USB port, a 2MB Atmel dataflash (for storing all sorts of codes), a learning mechanism (which can detect the correct carrier frequency), four buttons (selecting transmitter and learning mode, enable USB, ...) and of course four powerful infrared LEDs.

All sourcecode is licensed under the GPL.

Current State and Mailing list

The hardware is available as a construction set. If you would like to about the unzap project, you can subscribe to our mailing list using the mailman web interface. There is also an archive.

New! Order your unzap construction kit: Webshop

You can find the manual and construction hints for the kit (in German only, at the moment, sorry) at the Wiki page. Write a mail to if you have a question.


The schematic (revision 2.1):

schematic prototype 2


Hardware rev. 2

This is the most recent prototyp (hardware rev. 2). More pictures are available in the prototype (hardware rev. 2) gallery gallery.

PCB-size: 33x53mm

prototyp 2 prototyp 2

Hardware rev. 1

The old prototype (hardware rev. 1) and the old prototype (hardware rev. 1) gallery:

PCB-size: 30x50mm

prototyp 1 prototyp 1


The development version can be found at the git repository website. You can obtain the code in two different ways: Either click on "snapshot" on the top log line in the repository website, or use git to check out a local copy of the repository:

git clone git://

This checkout can be updated with:

git pull origin

The bootloader can be found at the usbload git repository website, and can be checked out using:

git clone git://

Project Specific Links